Morning and Evening Remembrance

A collection of essential remembrance and devotion to begin and end the day, based on how much time you have. This compilation based on recommendations from our teachers, may Allah protect and preserve them.

Justin Wood

12/31/2021 1 min read

Dedicating time in the morning and evening to remember Allah is a confirmed practice of our Prophet, sallallahu alaihi wa sallam. It is also one of the means by which we put the Qur'an into practice: "And glorify the praises of your Lord before sunrise and before sunset" (Quran 20:130).

Allah offers us spiritual protection, awareness and blessing through these words. When we reflect upon their numerous benefits we understand that they are too great to leave out of our daily routine, no matter how busy our lives become.

There are various formulations that have been offered by our scholars, based on the Prophetic narrations that this routine is drawn from. The following three routines/formulations are presented here as recommended by one of our beloved teachers, and are selected based on the most authentic and relevant reports, insha Allah.

For additional context, you may consult the work that these routines are referenced from, The Fortress of the Muslim by Al Qahtani. There are many other works about remembrance (dhikr), such as The Book of Remembrance by Imam An-Nawawi, and Al-Wabil As-Sayyib by Ibn Al Qayyim. I encourage you to review the scholarly works on this topic for further enrichment.

My goal is to provide an easy to follow format. There are three options that you can choose from based on your time. Once you become familiar with the routine, even the longest one (Ideal Routine) only takes a few minutes. I encourage you to read these devotions and supplications with an attentive heart and to reflect upon the meaning contained therein. I plan to provide a more detailed explanation of each entry as well.

Note that the headings on each slide are a summary of the topic that follows and not a part of the narrations. May Allah bless you, and may He make us from those who remember Him frequently, ameen!

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Ideal Routine:

Moderate Routine:

Minimum Routine:

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